In future, celebrities and fans will work together for success

New revenue models for celebrities AND fans
As a celebrity, it’s increasingly important to build a more direct relationship with your fans and become less dependent on the unpredictable fluctuations of social media. With your own branded app, you can gather your fans in one place and let them interact with each other independently of social networks.

Every activity in real or digital life can be offered, advertised and billed via the app.

Entertainment infrastructure for infinite revenue models
The celebrity’s own branded app is the basis for endless possibilities. A portfolio of functions specially developed for the entertainment industry increases the density of bookable services.

You can offer meet & greets or shout outs, as well as many other activities for which there is not even a name. In the celebrity’s own ecosystem, it is possible to develop completely new types of events and formats. These are offered, advertised and also billed via the in-house app.

Meet & Greets

A Meet & Greet is a meeting between a celebrity and their fans. It gives fans the opportunity to meet their star in person, take photos and get autographs. read more

Paid Livestreams

A paid livestream with a celebrity is an online event where fans of the celebrity can access the celebrity's website for a fee. read more

Shout Outs

A Shout-Out is a personalised greeting message that the celebrity addresses to a specific fan or group of fans. read more

Digital Autographs

Digital autographs are celebrity autographs that are not on paper but in digital form. These can be purchased via the Branded Celebrity App or the viphouse App, for example. read more

Bookable, Virtual Chats

A bookable video chat with a celebrity is a service where a private video call with a famous person can be made for a fee. read more

Exclusive Tickets

These may vary depending on the organiser and ticket category. read more


Auctions, for example of memorabilia, i.e. mementos of the celebrity, can be very exciting when they take place live. read more


Of course, it should also be possible to buy merchandise products via your own app. This can be done either via a link to the existing store or directly in the app. read more

The celebrity and his community

Use fans as promoters, grow and engage them in success.
The engine of success is the motivated and loyal fans. As part of the promoter programme, he/she will share in the revenue for his/her performance by, for example, promoting ticket sales for events in his/her own viphouse world and bringing more money into the Celebrety’s coffers.

Who we are

More than two years ago, various key players from international companies in the entertainment, IT, finance, media and communications industries came together to bring the viphouse project to market. A proof of concept has already taken place in some areas. The rights are held by the project participants.

We are neither an institutional provider nor an entertainment company or an investment company. The goal: to create additional revenue streams for celebreties and to create a broader value chain for the entertainment industry. Moreover, in times of deep fakes and artificial intelligence, an authentic place on the internet is becoming increasingly important for celebrities.

Security of data is paramount. They are stored in high-security servers in Switzerland and only the celebrity determines who has access to the data.

What we offer

We are revolutionising communication between celebrities and fans!
Thanks to the powerful infrastructure especially for the entertainment industry, completely new revenue models are possible, which help the celebrity to achieve higher income.

3 components that lead to success:

1. Celebrity App

The Celebrity App with the look and feel of the celebrities is the stomping ground of the stars. Here, celebrities can be closer to their fans than ever before. As a service app, for example at concerts, content that is useful for the fan can be posted here directly. But the Celebrity App is much, much more. Exclusive offers such as merchandising, “app-only content” or auctions tend to be the simpler content here.

The fan can book and pay for services directly via the app. Besides Meets & Greets or Shout Outs, the celebrity can also offer products and services that no one has thought of before. Everything that clever minds come up with in real and digital life can be offered, advertised and also billed via the app.

2. viphouse Portal

The “house for celebrities” is the viphouse portal. This is more or less the “engine room” for monetisation opportunities. All services offered on the individual celebrity apps can be found here. Popular celebrities will offer their services here directly, and all payment processing will go through this “out-app solution”. This is the place where the fan signs up.

3. The Fan (PROMOTER)

The revolutionary innovation is that fans will be able to share in their star’s success in the future. Through targeted promotional activities, the celebrity lets his supporters share financially in his earnings. The fan (PROMOTER) acts as the right hand of the management, so to speak. With their own strong community, PROMOTERS ensure that celebrities sell faster and better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Singers, actors, professional athletes, influencers, event platforms, sports platforms, theatre platforms, professional clubs, entertainment platforms, TV and entertainment providers, coaching systems, and much more.

Since the system can be used across the board, we are currently using the functions not only in the artist sector, but also in motorsport and in the club sector. Here, it is drivers on the one hand, as well as systems such as the racing teams. In the club sector, it’s football, where the players can be very well integrated and monetised, as well as bring reach and encounter a large fan base that can be integrated.

In the artist sector, we are currently looking at a number of topics, but we want to enter the market “by hand”, clean and tidy.

Yes, it is a separate white label solution for each artist. This means that the entire app can be individually branded, designed and also freely adapted later.

The artist can individually activate and position the various possible services and offers.

Since booking and billing of videos, internal ticketing, livestreams, etc. as well as the various predefined commissions and refunds to the artist are administratively handled via a central viphouse infrastructure, the app is very stable. Large interest, parallel downloads, bookings or livestreams in large numbers etc. can be handled without any problems. Conformity with the applicable regulations is also ensured via the central infrastructure.

Depending on the artist’s service package, the split is 60 % to 75 % for the artist. The remaining percentages are earmarked for the operation of the infrastructure, commissions, reimbursements, insurance, app operation, concierges, etc. The pre-agreed split applies to all bookings and services handled in the viphouse universe. For external services such as ticket sales etc. via the star’s existing ticket service etc., other splits may result depending on the current calculation.

We at viphouse also offer opportunities for the celebrities to legally optimise the tax burden for the additional income. That is why we also have our tax domicile in Switzerland and benefit from the great security that this location offers.

The reported finances are always without hidden deductions, chargebacks etc. Thanks to the consistent integration of all processes, the artist or the management can view and control all transactions in detail at any time.

The fact that the maxim “booked is paid” applies at viphouse makes many things easier. By using the viphouse app, the risk of default for the artist is significantly reduced and, in return, the availability of liquid funds is increased.