Branded Entertainment Platforms
for Celebrities

VIPhouse is the world’s first Branded Entertainment Social Media and Sales platform, empowering community-driven celebrities to take control of monetization, fan engagement, and audience expansion. This Branded Entertainment platform is customized for each celebrity with its own brand and look-and-feel. Serving as the central hub for the celebrity, the community has direct access to their own app or web application and radiates from there for distribution.

One solution serving as the central hub of digital commerce!

This platform integrates traditional and social media to create a seamless user experience, both on desktop and mobile devices. Here is a detailed look at the optional features and benefits:

  • Community building and expansion
  • Direct monetization
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Customer engagement through new features
  • Accessibility through mobile apps
  • Diverse entertainment offerings
  • Pre-tests and proof of concept
  • Emotional data analysis
  • Comprehensive booking and sales options
  • Assistants as sales aides
  • Reach sponsorship/sharing
  • Sponsorship tests and opportunities

Daily Business

The management of the Branded Celebrity Platform is divided into content-strategic and technical support. This includes clear responsibilities, team integration, and training by VIPhouse marketing experts, as well as technical assistance such as maintenance and optimization. This specialized and collaborative support enables celebrities to successfully run their platforms and establish long-term profitable community relationships.

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